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Deep Creek shooting range, Missoula, Montana Google Map

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Schuetzen House at Butte Gun Club Google Map
1.2 miles from McDonald's resturant, 1000izzly Trail, Butte, MT Gr 59701

Potomac Montana Rifle Match
  • My Potomac match pictures
  • 2014 Potomac Rifle Match "Mike Vallee" October results
  • Next match date; Potomac Precision Rifle
  • Potomac Rifle Match Google Map
  • Cut Rifling Revealed in Krieger Barrel-Making Video Want to See More “Mad Minute” Action with a Modern Tubegun?
    In 2012, Gary Eliseo ran a “Mad Minute” exercise using a modern,
    .308 Win Eliseo RTM Tubegun of his own making. Gary ended up
    with 24 hits on a bull target set at 300 yards. (Gary actually had 25 hits
    in 25 rounds fired, but the last round hit just after the 60-second time
    period expired.)
    Note how Gary pulls the trigger with the middle finger of his right hand.
    This allows him to work the bolt faster, using his thumb and index finger

    Watch Gary Elesio Shoot the ‘Mad Minute’ (Start at the 4:47 on Video)