1925 Ed and Betty, maybe. looks like a bridge and could be Michigan definitely not Tacoma, Wash. Notice the age dif and Ed's scalp/forehead line. The area could be Fenton, Mich. where they lived awhile. Why was the picture framed to include the house so prominently
This picture looks so dry. California type labor camp housing pictures. Notice the car behind Ed's head. The blond is Betty I believe. I see Ed as the shoulders match the picture above.
This could be a picture to celebrate the 1st encounter of the mountains in Montana and it sure reminds me of Helena, Mt. with McDonald Pass in the background and the vertical string of trees behind the approaching car are the quaking aspens along that stretch of 12 also the boulder dirt hedge roll is along the north side of the road and is the flood spoils that still plague that area. The road is US 12 West out of Helena. The stream is along the north side The car is parked with it's back to us on the north side of the road as the other vehicle is approaching the camera. I presume the parked one is the Vallee's. Picture taken at noon in the middle of the summer. The road hairpins back and forth up the face of the mountain in the back ground.

This pic above could be Eastern Washington, Spokane with the thin trees and arid looking ground. I think the car is the Vallee car with Grandpa Vallee underneath. Because of the rear window design being simailier to car in the previous picture. And the licence plate mounted in the middle of the radiator. Is that Betty sitting in the shade of the car?
This could be Eastern Montana with the ranch activity.
Bad Lands of the Western Dakotas and Eastern Montana on the last 2 pictures.

Above could be a San Francisco picture. The building is larger than the union station in Seattle . I presume it's a train station. I can't see Baggage or produce carts because of the pic resolution